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With the accelerating pace of business and fast advancement of digital disruption, it is almost impossible to have every aspect of your business under your care.

Elevate the trust of your stakeholder on your business by having an expert on your board of advisors. 

Your Path to Success

Foreign to Southeast Asia or a certain field of business that we are good in? Build up your profile to enhance your credibility in Southeast Asia by hiring a team of advisors to fit your needs. Remember a veteran business advisor will not be available for a full-time employment.


Business Model Restructuring

Identify issues from a third-party perspective

Scaling in Southeast Asia

Localise the business model

Pitch Training

Guidance on positioning the company

Preparing for exit in the next few years


Company C is a tech company that successfully digitalised the traditional taxi industry in a city with localised practices. The business model worked very well for that city due to the nature of the island. However, the same business model may not be appealing to other markets. Company C was in the midst of fundraising, thus needed to relook into the strategies for the global market to achieve their ultimate goal, which is to publicly list the company.


  1. Identified the key strengths and capabilities of the company
  2. Identified what does not work in the targeted market due to the market landscape
  3. Remodeled the business for Southeast Asia, tapping on the current resources and additional resources to accelerate the entry


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