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Business Transformation

70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one

(Tech Pro Research)


The only constant is change. Digital is disrupting all parts of value chain of any organisation. Constant shifting and realignment of business operations are almost necessary for all businesses in today’s context. Business Transformation is a change management strategy that aims to align people, technology and processes of a company to maximise value to critical stakeholders. Building a platform or an ecosystem is almost essential these days and it is often a differentiating factor that sets one apart from others. 

Therefore, in this course we will focus on building a platform business model. With this course you can optimise the use of your resources and prioritise your stakeholders systematically, identify areas that need to be enhanced, as well as make the right strategic decisions.

Topics Covered in This Course

– Mapping a platform business model
– Case study: Haier Group

Estimated Duration of the Course

40 minutes



Who is This Course For

⁃ Traditional business owners who are looking to digitally transform their business to extend lifespan of the organisation

⁃ Startups who want to understand their role in larger organisation’s business transformation initiative and/or build a solid ecosystem

(1/2) Introduction

We explore what Business Transformation truly entails and why is it important integrate this strategy into your overall corporate strategy.

(2/2) Mapping Platform Business Model

The Platform Business Model Map serves as an analytic and visualisation tool to identify the key stakeholders in a platform, understanding the value that was exchanged among stakeholders and provided to the platform. Building a platform business is different from building a traditional business model. Therefore, it is important to understand the strategy behind a platform business. This video includes Facebook as a case study for the model. 

Please note that you do not have to be in the platform business space to use this framework. Just by replacing the platform with ecosystem will work as well. 

Answer these questions if are launching your own platform

1. What stakeholders are needed to be brought on board to make your platform work?
2. How are you going to monetise?
3. Who are more important to your platform?
4. Does each stakeholder benefit enough to attract their participation? Does any one of them contribute not enough to justify their inclusion?

Answer these questions if you are analysing other platforms

1. Who are the key customers of that platform?
2. What is their role, contribution, motivation?
3. How does the platform monetise?
4. What value are you providing as a stakeholder of the platform? How could you improve and get more value from the platform?

Download a Template

Apply Platform Business Model Map on Your Business

Practise the Platform Business Model Framework

Apply the framework to Haier case study for more understanding and map out a model for your own venture