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Business Continuity Guide [Part 3]





Now that we have addressed what managers should do, we shall move on to what you, as an employee, should do in times of a viral outbreak.


Firstly, it is of utmost importance that employees exercise social responsibility to minimise the spreading of the virus.

If you are feeling unwell, or are starting to display any symptoms of COVID-19, please request for remote work arrangements from your employer. If working remotely is not possible, make mutually agreed arrangements with your employer for you to receive paid administrative leave or unpaid leave.

It is also good to practice social distancing and respect the arrangements made by your company.

If there are two teams that are not supposed to meet each other as part of the business continuity plan, refrain from meeting members from the other team, even after work hours. This is to ensure that the plan can be implemented successfully.

Where virtual communication is needed, it is also essential for employees to recognise that the lack of non-verbal cues may easily lead to miscommunication.

Therefore, there is a need for employees to step up their communication in terms of clarity in the delivery of information or instructions. Avoid giving vague instructions or sending messages which could be easily misinterpreted.

Furthermore, without the luxury of face-to-face meetups, it may be more difficult to engage clients or capture their attention for extended periods of time, so it would be advisable to be creative. Visual media, Prezi, animations, interactive media, the possibilities are endless.