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Do you need a higher level of support from our experts? Dedicated hours will be allocated to solve your critical issues efficiently and effectively. 

Buy hours from us instead of having a high commitment in building an internal team to solve the issues you have on hand.

Suitable for those who need:

Dedicated hours set aside for your project

Have a clear set of objectives you would like to achieve that requires a certain amount of time? We provide you the flexibility to achieve your objectives without investing in a permanent team.

Suitable for those who need:

Critical resources to bring the business forward

Do you need a certain skillset or service to fill in the gaps temporarily? It’s almost impossible to train or hire someone overnight fill in a strategic gap. We close your strategic gaps that hinder your organisation to reach their potential.

Disruptions happen almost every day. Spotting the potential challenges, impact and opportunities are critical to the longevity of an organisation. We review your strategies on an ongoing basis to keep your organisation always ready for change.

Suitable for those who need:

Industrial Network

Are you venturing into an industry that is new to you? Have you dried up your contacts? Most business deals are done based on relationships. We remove the barriers and provide you the access to potential partners that are critical to your business growth.


Business Model Restructuring

Differentiate the company from the others

Scaling in Southeast Asia

Localise the business model

Creating Sustainable Growth

Create long-term relationships

Keeping the company out of price war


Company A is a semiconductor company that was disrupted by the introduction of new technology by competitors that can greatly reduce the cost of production. Despite the reduction of cost, the quality of service is often neglected. In order to disengage Company A from the price war, the company seeks for solutions to differentiate itself from the other competitors while launching in a new market (Southeast Asia) that is predominantly price sensitive.


  1. Structured a new business model by offering Designer-as-a-Service instead of relying on the traditional manufacturing model
  2. Built a network of implementers in Southeast Asia with a strategic sequence to minimise the capital risk
  3. The new business model allowed the company to reduce business development cost and effort while fulfilling the objectives set by the clients
  4. Increased the reliance of the clients, resulting in more repeated clients

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