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Building a Team of Warriors

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

(Helen Keller)


Having a high-performance work team is critical to the success of developing a new market. There are some essential traits that can serve as a guide in identifying such talents or developing these people. One of the most critical traits is having a person with growth mindset who is not restricted by the norm. 

Therefore, in this course we will focus on building a team of warriors through identifying those with the critical trait: growth mindset, as well as mapping down the career path to build a sustainable relationship between you and your employees. At the end of the course, you and your team members may take the “16 personalities” test to learn more about yourself and each other. This helps you to find the right fit, tap on each others’ strengths and fill up gaps of each other in order to achieve overall organisational success.  

Topics Covered in This Course

– Having a growth mindset
– Common misconceptions of a growth mindset
– Developing talents and career path plans

Estimated Duration of the Course

50 minutes



Who is This Course For

⁃ Business owners who are identifying successor or building up a core team for market expansion

⁃ Leaders who want to build a team of loyal and driven talents

(1/3) Growth Mindset

People with growth mindsets are constantly trying to learn and grow to better themselves. These are individuals who enjoy challenges and believe that their intelligence, talents, and basic abilities can be increased or enhanced through hard work and dedicated effort. We explore what does having a growth mindset mean. 

(2/3) Common Misconceptions of a Growth Mindset

We discover the common misconceptions about having a growth mindset so that it helps you to build a team of warriors that can help you thrive in a new market. 

(3/3) Developing Talents and Career Path Plans

Employee engagement describes people who are committed to their work and the goals and values of their company. To put it another way, engaged employees show up and are involved, not only because they’re paid to be, but because they’re invested, emotionally or otherwise. A career path is important to guide employee development. In this video, you will learn how to develop talents necessary for your expansion. 

Personal experience map

Map out your personal experience map to find gaps for your organisation. Use this framework to work out a simple career progression plan with your team.

Understand Yourself and Your Team

Learn how different personalities affect one's approach in workplace and what they value through "16 Personalities" test. Results may vary at different stages of your life.