SEAGamer Mall


SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd is an established global digital goods and services platform for gamers, game developers and publishers.

The company has global footprint with 4 offices worldwide in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia. Their platform is the fastest growing online game digital trading and services platform in Southeast Asia over the past 10 years.

Founded in 2007 and head-quartered in Malaysia, SEA Gamer Mall is an MSC Status company backed by investors.


Structure Business
Ensure the business model, product line structure and organisation structure are ready for scaling
Strategise Business
Work with the management team to strategise the business model of the Company. This includes activities such as planning for the marketing, company roadmap and business plan
Market Entry Strategising
Recommend go-to-market strategies with the consideration of aspects such as operational requirements and financial budgeting
Identify And Recommend Partners
Identify and recommend suitable partners, including distributors of Company’s products and vendors


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