Company Description

The IDS Clinic is helmed by Dr SK Tan whose 30 years of clinical and research experience brings zeal and commitment to his customers.  
The IDS Clinic is fitted out with equipment and devices that are used in a combination with various topical proprietary products to create programs and treatment methods that deliver quality results. 
Since opening our doors in 2014, the IDS Clinic has been committed to superior customer care and experience for our customers. The clinic has recently been ISO certified, a sign of our commitment to continued quality and customer satisfaction.
IDS Clinic offers products from IDS Skincare. IDS Skincare products are designed to address the most common skin problems faced by the public. Unlike consumer skincare for the mass market, where cost may be a major inhibiting factor, IDS Skincare have been formulated to deliver maximum efficacy.   Some of the products have ingredients that are patent-pending.
Whether you are seeking to prolong the effects of clinical treatments such as Botox®, filler injections and laser, or simply want to achieve healthy, radiant skin, IDS id here to help


How we help

Business Analysis
Conduct an analysis on the industry and the company
Strategic Business Planning
Plan for market entry, which includes aspects like market positioning, logistic matters, estimated costs, duration and licensing requirements

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