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At the age of 17 in 2009, she immigrated to Taiwan with a scholarship to pursue her bachelor’s degree. She then went on for her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. This was also the point where she started her entrepreneurial journey in her last semester of study. Born in Honduras, Yadia Colindres, COO and Co-Founder...
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From an intern of a company incorporated by the current business partner to a full-time staff to a co-founder and working mother of one now, Jeslin Bay demonstrated strong faith and resilience in her actions. After her graduation, she took an unconventional route of entrepreneurship. Most of her peers did not comprehend her choice as...
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Tommy Chieng, co-founder and COO of SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM) started as an employee in 2010. Over the past few years, working closely with Mr Wong, CEO of SEAGM, he has been recognised for his contribution and been identified as the next leader in SEAGM. Tommy has led SEAGM, a Malaysian online e-commerce platform that...
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Working for Z Instruments, a company in Finland for the last 3 years and with multiple partners around world as a consultant, Nancy Ahola has multiple experiences in strategic partnerships, product development, fundraising and market entry in Asia, Europe and USA. She will share her passion as a startup employee and what will it take...
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Having a headstrong character, Shelby Tee had picked up skills fast as the Head of Operations in her previous company InterVentures Asia, better known as ‘startup fixer’. She was then given an opportunity to start her first company BlackStorm Consulting, together with the other 2 co-founders, Paddy Tan and Jeslin Bay. Equipped with commendable skills,...
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Around the age of 16, she was already been offered to act as the lead role in a French film. And by the time she was at her 3rd year of university, she was contracted as the brand ambassador for Double A, the renowned paper company that spans its operations across the globe. Her career...
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